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:::Taps Mic::: Testing... testing....

Just a note to say I've not forgotten about the Hoedown. I hadd turned my attention to the Art Gsrden (I never expected it to take all my attention, or I would have announced my brief hiatus). I emailed my piece to the editor last night, though, and now I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

narm00 and daibhid_c: I noticed you've both deleted your replies to the Nadine's Group Thread. Are you going to combine your additions into something new, or what? Just wondering... What happens in that thread may soon impact Estandre's group, is all...

Personally, I'm expecting the two groups to meet up soon, I just wanted a chance for Sailor Gallifrey to get connected with the party, and I doubted she'd be trying to meditate in the industrial center of the city; besides, a "casual" walk from the park to the bioengineering lab may give Estandre's group a chance to uncover some useful clues...
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