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Heard this on the radio, yesterday; and it gave me some ideas, maybe, for the hoedown

[cross-posted from capriuni, with extra, Hoedown-oriented, postscripts]

This American Life: Superpowers

I only listen to this show sometimes, but this time it really captivated me, and I can't quite put my finger on why. I guess maybe it's because the issue strikes right to the core of our sense of vulnerability. And I'm at a point in my life, right now, where I am feeling particularly vulnerable.

I highly recommend it. Go and listen, particularly if you have broadband. And if you don't have broadband, go anyway, if you have time.

(Oh -- and for the record? I'd choose "Flight," hands down. "Invisibility" sucks)
Postscript 1: "Act Three" (Superheroes with powers that make no sense) struck me as a particularly pro-fun idea, and I think we could have some real fun if we encountered some "heros" like that in our story. (~37 minutes in)

Postscript 2: "Act Four" (Wonder Twins) is really tragic (especially since it's a true story), but it gave me some insight into how our Lise, Mish, and Zenk might interact with the more adult Hoedowners. Not that our three believe they, themselves, have superpowers, but they're only a few years older than these "Wonder Twins," and this piece illustrated the complex mix of violence and loneliness that comes out when kids this young are used by adults in war.
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