I'm nobody! Who are you? (capriuni) wrote in pro_fun,
I'm nobody! Who are you?

Question for our newer members (and,.perhaps, our older ones, too)

This question goes out specifically to: barbarafett, jackie_tyler, jamesbowman, pete_wisdom and mythverdandi, but also, generally, to our old regulars:

Every year, I go into the Hoedown expecting to start a completely new story, that can exist on its own, independant of its own past. But the stories that have worked the best, as narratives, turn out to be the ones where we develop, even further, our own alternate Doctor Who universe, with its own unique backstory and subplot threads (such as the "six muses of Gallifrey," who exist here, and no where else).

Would it be helpful if I tried to write up a synopsis of the continuing Hoedown Saga, giving an overview of the previous 4 stories (though I don't think we did much new world building in #4)? Including where it ties into Classic and New Who, and where it spins off wildly into the Nth Dimension of the Fictiverse?

I could post it here, and link to it in tardis_hoedown's info page....
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