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Questions: Anybody else itching to write this? The Kids, the musely artifacts, & apologies...

Okay, it feels like I'm hogging the story here. Am I, or should I just keep adding bits as ideas come to me?

Anybody want to take these three kids under their authorial wing, or should they be freelance for all the writers (a bit like the Doctors)?

I guess the next segment of the story should be the kids' apologies to the Nonny mice.

I'm also thinking that each of the artifacts are reflections of the each of the kids, and the particular kind of creative spark each one posesses (and therefore, that kid's personality). AIUI, Lise, the girl, has the sextant -- for the muse of romance and journey tales, yes?

And the Sword of Magnificience and the Shuttle go to the boys. Which boy gets which, do you think? The muse of weaving I kind of understand -- maybe this is the creation of tapestries ... would that be the equivalent of visual arts? Maybe that kid is a particularly good illustrator (If so, I know a Chinese folktale where that skill is used in defeating evil -- could come in handy)? Or would the weaving, in this case, have more to do with the "Web of Time," being as Penelope was a Gallifreyan muse...

But I'm stumped on the Muse of Magnificience. What is that? War epics? Royal geneologies?

Any ideas, gang?

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