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As we about to disembark on Shemis....

Some questions, in no particular order:

sailorgallifrey: Would you mind if I moved your entry (word for word) to the reply section of the previous thread, so your character can be there to greet the hoedowners as they land (figuratively) in her lap?

dabhid_c: Earlier, you mentioned that you had a scene for Carr, of the "I'm sure you're all wondering why I gathered you in the library" variety. Do you still want to do that? If so, it might be helpful if you sketched out a general outline of your theory, to help us all figure out where to go from here...

narm00: Whatever happened to your avatars Marin and Allie? They just seem to have disappeared into the crowd -- Nadine, too. I have a feeling Nadine, in particular, will be in her element in this part of the story, as we unravel the mystery of the trio's parents, and their flight from Shemis...

And, just as a general aside: I think this Hoedown in particular has a certain Sherlock Holmes aura about it.... I almost want to give Estandre a deerstalker cap and a pipe (but don't worry, I won't).
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