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May I please beg your indulgence, again (sorry)?

Imran -- you make a good point, in your reply to my latest addition in tardis_hoedown, about how the kids wouldn't necessarily know the coordinates of their home planet.

I'm not entirely happy with what I wrote last night/this morning, particularly with how Estandre asked about their parents' deaths, and how they responded (they'd want to know why he was asking, not just challenge his assumption, and deny that their parents had anything to do with the Bosses). That's what you get when you try to write while severly sleep deprived (and you accidently erase the whole post one sentance away from completion, and have to rewrite the whole thing from the beginning...).

I'd like to rewrite it, if that's okay with everybody (the basic info will be the same -- nothing in the story itself will change), and I can change his question about the coordinates as I do that.
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